A welcome message from the co-founder Kinsosei Obata:

With great purpose of heart Tada O welcomes you to leave bum optimal situations and enjoy the shininess of the Tada O worker. Never find yourself with stress regrets and questions after your considerable efforts. Join us to make ships and weapons that excel in shininess while being practical of purpose and giving gleeful destruction to those with dark hearts. Firm with your rewards for your service of excellent value giving and be sure Tada O hearts swell of great size at your great endeavors! Tada O strives with family like thoughts of goodness shared by all workers. Welcome! Be well and happiness filled in your new Tada O efforts!

Big! Strong Wow! Tada O Kinsosei Obata

Our mission:

Issler Dainze's family had passed down an ancient space artifact for as long as anyone could remember. Each child in the clan was told that this artifact was found in deep space near the original Eve gates. Issler grew up fascinated by this odd object. A round cylinder made of a strange metal. She would study it for hours until one day she noticed a small seam on a bottom edge. She pulled and pulled at the seam and managed to open the artifact to discover it contained a thin plastic sheet with the above message printed in a language Issler knew to be one of the ancient Earth languages. Something about this message resonated with Issler. She had always been drawn to business having come from a family of traders and merchants. She knew that this simple message could be the foundation for the greatest Corporation in the Eve Universe. She was already scheduled to attend a prominent university to study business and trade. She swore to herself that someday the vision of Kinsosei Obata would bring shiny excellence to people everywhere. At that moment the new Tada O Corporation was born. No longer would people have to settle for bum optimal!

The basic tenants of the new Tada O Corporation:

  1. The Tada O Corporation is a peaceful corporation. Members do not attack or kill other pilots unless in self defense or if the other pilot has the dark heart of a pirate. Members are expected to maintain a positive security rating with Concord and positive factions with races and corporations that the Corporation identifies as neutral or allies.
  2. Everyone gets paid. All corporation activities will fairly reward all participating member in accordance to their contribution.
  3. Tada O is focused on commerce. Tada O is formed to support manufacturing and trade. War and killing of innocent pilots are left for other corporations to focus on.
  4. You get what you put in. The more you work for the corporation the greater your reward.
  5. You keep what you kill. When engaged in activities the result in the death of rats and pirates the spoils of combat will be fairly distributed. Can “cherry picking” or can looting will not be tolerated.
  6. Being in Tada O should be a shiny experience! Members are expected to speak up if they are finding membership in Tada O to be bum optimal.
  7. Tada O Products are always either given freely or sold at actual cost to members. Tada O does not profit by robbing the wallets of its members.

Tada O member participation

Participation in Tada O corporate operations are intended to be both profitable and enjoyable but are also primarily expected to be voluntary. Members are expected to only participate in 2 operations in a 30 day period but highly encouraged to participate more often. The more they pitch in the more of the profits you share! The following are some of the corporate activities:

Corporate mining events — shiny rocks of profit!

Corporate Mining Events are the primary method to collecting raw materials used to support the ships and equipment manufacturing activities that are the core of the Tada O road to shiny profits!

Corporate complex events and worm holes of mystery

The places of mystery and wealth! From time to time members will band together to maximize the ability to project the shiny boom of glee onto the challenges these places of mystery offer. This activity is encouraged and is considered part of being a shiny member of Tada O.

Member recruiting

You are most shiny! There may be others! Let's find them and get them to join us! Tada O is only as good as its members and getting new glee filled shiny members is a huge value to the corporation. To bring in another shiny member to our family will make all hearts swell.

Logistics events

So many things, some need moving! Helping Tada O move the many many things we need to be gleeful makes one shiny above all others.

Manufacturing support activities

It is only when we help the ores of profit be their dream and shape them into shiny ships that Tada O is what it meant to be. The maximum profits of shiny ships allows Tada O to never be bum optimal! Tada O encourages pilots interested in learning the knowledge of the building to seek a shiny shipwright. The shiny shipwright can map your path to be the granter of the dreams of roids.

Our formula for success: